Answers to Important Questions about Mold removal in Overland Park, KS and About Necessity of Performing Tests and Procedures Which Mold Remediation Firms Should Avoid

Mold growing in your home can create serious problems, both for your health as well as your property, as mold tends to destroy things it grows upon. If you find an infestation of mold in your home, you should contact a professional firm for mold removal in Overland Park, KS.

Before hiring any firm, you should improve your knowledge about how mold affects your home, and what the process of mold abatement involves. This will help you select the right firm to perform the task of mold removal in the correct manner.

Should homeowners be concerned about mold in their house?

The answer to this question is both no and yes. Let us explain:

Why No? Simply stated, mold spores are everywhere. They are a part of nature and float freely in our outdoor and indoor environments year-round. You would have to construct and maintain the same strict requirements of the most sanitary clean room imaginable to keep mold spores from invading your indoor world, an option just not affordable for the general public!

Why Yes? When mold spores find a suitable habitat upon which to feed and thrive, they create colonies which can become a concern. Mold will not only affect your health, but also damage furnishing, belongings, and building materials. Your aim should be to reduce dampness – moisture and water damage in a house creates the perfect environment for a mold infestation.

Should a test be performed to check whether mold is growing in the home?

As per the EOHAP, if there is a visible mold problem, then sampling or testing is not required. There is no universal standard with respect to acceptable levels of mold in a home. However, testing may be necessary to document situations involving litigation or insurance related matters.

Is it appropriate to utilize ozone generators to solve a mold problem?

According to the FDH, the use of ozone generators for solving mold problems in your house should be avoided. Primarily, the use of ozone generators has not been shown to be effective in ridding a home of a mold problem. Secondly, high levels of ozone can severely irritate the lungs, and as such, exposure to ozone can be harmful.

The main aim should be to focus on the problem which is causing the mold growth issue, such as high levels of moisture in the house. Once the cause is found and removed, remediation steps such as proper cleanup of mold affected surfaces and removal of moldy materials can be performed to eliminate the mold infestation.

Looking for professional help in mold removal in Overland Park, KS? ServiceMaster DSI has the required certification, training, expertise, and required equipment, and our technicians follow stringent BSR-IICRC S520 Standards to perform any and all mold remediation tasks.

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