An Insight into How Experts Utilize Advanced Methods to Perform Carpet Cleaning Properly in Parkville, MO Homes

Heavy rains, flooding, storms, and other natural disasters result in a lot of damage to homes and belongings in Parkville, MO. Carpeting can be especially affected during such incidences, and cleaning them becomes a challenging task. In this kind of situation, the best thing to do is to call the carpet cleaning experts at ServiceMaster DSI so you get the assurances the work will be performed in the right manner.

To tackle the difficulties, professional carpet cleaners have started using advanced techniques such as aqueous ozone cleaning (also known as engineered water or ozonated water) to achieve desired results.


How Does Aqueous Ozone Work?

The interaction between oxygen and electricity results in the creation of ozone, and it’s then mechanically infused into plain water.

The good thing about aqueous ozone is that it’s very safe because no chemicals are utilized in the carpet cleaning process, and it proves to be effective at eliminating or minimizing carpet odors. After cleaning, ozone and water simply transform back into oxygen and water.


Use of Aqueous Ozone in Professional Carpet Cleaning

It’s worth mentioning here that many of these systems that produce aqueous ozone have been Woolsafe® approved, which means they’re considered effective and safe for cleaning wool carpet.

Aqueous ozone functions by opening all the fibers, making it easier for ozone to eliminate the soils. In addition, the ozonated water is also able to extract stains and spots that normal cleaning cannot remove. It’s normally used in the form of an alternative option to the usual solution utilized for pre-spraying the carpet.

Such effectiveness makes aqueous ozone a strong alternative to other cleaning solutions that are used in cleaning techniques such as carpet extraction.

Since no chemicals are added during the residential carpet cleaning process, there are no chemical residues to worry about. These chemical residues are the main reason behind quick re-soiling that occurs in carpets.


Is It a Safe Method?

The positive thing about aqueous ozone is that it’s utilized for treating water and also for cleaning and sanitizing vegetables and fruits. As such, it’s completely harmless for us and normally dissipates or evaporates in an hour after its application on a surface.


The complexities of carpet cleaning increase extensively after any type of natural disaster. In these situations, you need the help of experts to ensure the cleanup work will provide the desired results.

ServiceMaster DSI is a company you can rely on since we have many years of industry experience and can meet the complexities of cleanup work in any circumstance. Our technicians follow the required standards and make use of advanced equipment, cleaning procedures, and products to properly and safely clean your carpets.


Just get in touch with us at (816) 527-9412, and we’ll send a team of carpet care experts to get the job done in Parkville, MO.

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