A Detailed Look at Water and Fire Damage Restoration Services Offered in Kansas City, MO – Part 2

As outlined in our previous blog, emergency services like water damage restoration, fire restoration and smoke cleanup are essential to facilitate fast recovery from such disasters.


In conjunction with these emergency services, ServiceMaster DSI provides many secondary services that assist recovery work being performed on any property in Kansas City, MO. These complementary secondary disaster restoration services include:
• Construction services
• Board up services
• Content storage services
• Packout and storage
• Temporary power and climate control


Construction services
This type of service becomes necessary in case of damage to property from fire, flooding, smoke or water damage. Such work consists of:
• Removal of debris
• Reconstruction
• Electrical work
• Cabinetry refinishing or building
• Flooring replacement
• Roof installation
• Gutter installation


Board up Services
Fire or water damage can affect the building structure or expose some part of it. In a situation such as this, board up services help by protecting the building and preventing additional damage. These services include:
• Cover openings using protective tarps
• Boardup any openings in structure
• Barricades


Content Storage Services
To secure your belongings after fire or water damage, it becomes necessary to employ content storage services. During content storage items are moved to our secure facility where they are cleaned and restored. Services include:
• Storage in a climate controlled environment
• Decontamination and cleaning of items
• Cataloging of all items in storage
• Identification of things which are unrecoverable


Packout Storage
After a disaster it may be necessary to remove belongings for proper restoration. Items are taken to our secure warehouse where they go through a detailed restoration process and then repacked and stored safely. Benefits of such packout services include:
• Enable remodeling of the property
• Protect valuables from damage at the time of remodeling
• Facilitate work on contents which may require restoration
• Prevent structural damages from affecting your valuables


Temporary Power and Climate Control
Fire and water can cause extensive damage to electrical equipment as well as HVAC systems. Temporary power and climate control is required to keep your business or home safe and secure. Some of the services provided by disaster restoration firms include:
• Temporary lighting as well as power outlets
• Portable air conditioners of up to 90 tons and heaters of around 4,500,000 btu capacity
• Electrical generators
• Power distribution boxes

ServiceMaster DSI specialize in providing various emergency services which help in disaster restoration like water damage restoration, fire restoration and smoke cleanup in Kansas City, MO. When you need immediate help with any of these services, give us a call at 800-954-9444. Our experts will get to work as quickly as possible to meet your needs.

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