A Detailed Look at Water and Fire Damage Restoration Services Offered in Kansas City, MO – Part 1

In case of a fire damage or water damage disaster, emergency services available in Kansas City, MO are of critical importance to reduce losses. ServiceMaster DSI provides fire restoration, smoke cleanup and water damage restoration assist in getting things back to normal as quickly as possible and restoring your precious belongings.

Disaster Restoration Services and Their Importance


Water Damage: Water damage can result from many different reasons including natural disasters, water heater failures, dishwasher leakage, broken pipes, flooding because of heavy rains, plumbing leaks, and seepage of ground water.

A few inches of water, whether it is clean, grey or black water, is sufficient for creating serious problems for building components, occupants, and furnishings.

It is necessary to take immediate steps for controlling water damage. Any delay will increase damage to floor coverings, walls, structural materials, furnishings, and facilitate mold growth. It can also negatively impact the structural integrity of the property.

It is necessary to remove water, thoroughly dry out the environment, and disinfect to prevent growth of mildew, fungi and bacteria. Even if floors or walls feel dry to the touch, they could have moisture trapped deep within. Providers of water extraction services are equipped with moisture reading sensors to accurately determine moisture levels, and powerful equipment to extract water and thoroughly dry damaged areas.

Water damage restoration requires the following steps to ensure proper remediation:

  • Damage Assessment – Damage and affected areas are checked.
  • Water Removal – Water removal is performed.
  • Drying – Dehumidifiers and air movers are employed to remove moisture.
  • Sanitization – Different cleaning methods are utilized for cleaning things like clothing, furniture and other items. Antimicrobial treatments are also used for sanitization and odor removal.
  • Restoration – It could be a minor task such as replacing drywall panels, or involve major reconstruction like rebuilding an entire room.

Fire Damage: After the flames are extinguished you are left with other problems such as ash residue and smoke. If immediate action isn’t taken, significant and permanent damage to property will occur. Fire damage restoration generally includes:

  • Smoke clean up: Smoke odor can remain hidden for several years if untreated. Additionally, smoke residue contains acidic properties that cause surface corrosion and permanent staining. The job of any restoration company is to check the level of smoke damage that has occurred and rectify it immediately.
  • Odor removal: Various equipment such as thermal foggers and ozone generators are used to neutralize smoke odor.

ServiceMaster DSI is one of the leading providers of disaster restoration and emergency services such as fire restoration, smoke cleanup, water damage restoration and construction services in Kansas City, MO. If you experience a water damage or fire damage situation, give us a call immediately at 800-954-9444. We will respond without delay to get things back to normal.


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