5 Steps for Effective Trauma Cleanup Kansas City, MO

Traumatic events leave behind many things, from nightmares and horrible memories to biohazardous materials. While the emotional effects may be long-lasting, the physical elements can be dealt with quickly with professional trauma cleanup from an experienced firm, such as ServiceMaster DSI. We proudly provide compassionate and effective trauma cleanup services to residents and businesses in Kansas City, MO, so you can recover after a tragedy.  
Trauma scene cleanup is a complex task. Not only is it dangerous as technicians are exposed to hazardous chemicals and bodily fluids, but it also requires specialized cleaning techniques to make the area safe again.

This is where our experience comes in; we’re able to determine the correct cleaning and disinfection techniques to return the area to its pre-loss condition while safely disposing of any waste to prevent contamination.

But how do we do it? Let’s take a look at the 5 steps we take to perform effective trauma cleanup.

1: Prevent the Spread of Contaminants

Trauma scenes will often have a variety of contaminants ranging from bodily fluids to hazardous chemicals. It’s essential for trauma cleanup professionals to prevent these contaminants from spreading to other areas of your home or business. When our technicians arrive, we secure the area to confine any hazardous materials to that area and prevent them from spreading.

2: Choose Appropriate Cleaning Solutions

Different biohazardous materials require different cleaning solutions to be effectively cleaned. Our trauma cleaning professionals are equipped with a variety of industrial strength cleaning and disinfection solutions, so regardless of the type of trauma scene, we’re able to thoroughly clean it.

3: Prevent Infections

Did You Know? Bloodborne Pathogens Remain Infectious for Weeks

Bodily fluids such as blood are common at trauma scenes. Unfortunately, this poses the risk of infection from bloodborne pathogens.

To prevent infections or exposure, we utilize the necessary protective gear, including biohazard gloves, respirators, and bodysuits, to ensure there is no risk of exposure while we are performing cleanup.

4: Properly Clean Up Debris

In addition to cleaning hazardous waste, our cleanup professionals also remove any other debris present such as rubble or broken glass. This helps us to expedite the process, so you can return to the area sooner.

5: Disposal of Biohazardous Waste

Did You Know? OSHA’s Standards Need to be Followed for Disposal of Biohazards

Biohazardous waste can’t be disposed of the same way regular waste can. Depending on the type of biohazardous materials, there are regulated guidelines that our technicians follow to ensure the waste doesn’t contaminate people, land, or groundwater.

Partnering with an experienced firm is essential, not just to limit your stress, but to ensure the area is properly disinfected and returned to a usable condition. The trauma cleanup technicians at ServiceMaster DSI undergo rigorous training and ongoing education to ensure each job is performed properly and effectively. We’re here to help you during this difficult time, providing compassionate trauma cleanup in Kansas City, MO. For immediate assistance, contact us at (816) 527-9412.

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