5 Challenges Professionals Face During Hoarder Cleanup

Hoarding is a serious problem that can result in different types of risks (fire, health, and personal safety, to name a few), both for the hoarder and for other people living in the house. In such a situation, hoarding cleanup becomes necessary to make sure the house remains livable and the hoarder does not have to face eviction.

Hoarder cleanup involves more than just tidying up your Leawood, KS, home, as a hoarder may well undergo serious emotional stress if their belongings are removed from the house. Thus, cleanup professionals need to be considerate and work tactfully to carry out their task.

Today we will look into the proper procedure that professionals need to follow in order to perform hoarder cleanup in the best possible manner.

Approximately 25% of Our Population Is Comprised of Hoarders

Challenges Professionals Have to Face During Hoarder Cleanup

Opinions About Cleanliness: A hoarder will often value certain things that a hoarder cleanup professional might consider to be rubbish or worthless.

For instance, having to let go of very insignificant things (such as used paper cups) may result in serious emotional distress for a hoarder. Thus, professionals need to take into consideration this aspect while performing cleanup work.

Hoarding is Considered a Disability That Needs Proper Treatment

Attaining the Required Level of Cleanliness: Professionals need to work with legal groups and other agencies to figure out the level of cleanliness a hoarder needs to achieve in order to prevent eviction or other penalties. The aim should be to attain the required standards, not to surpass them.

Ensuring Fall Prevention: Hoarding cleanup professionals need to take steps to prevent falls. They need to ensure that there are no loose cords, debris, or slippery rugs blocking the pathway.

Weak and infirm hoarders generally use the support of furniture and other items when they are moving around in the house.

Thus, before cleanup is started, it will be necessary for the professionals to get information on how the hoarder moves around within the house and try to maintain their props until assistive devices (like walkers and canes) can introduced.

Starting Slowly: Hoarding cleanup should be started slowly so that the hoarder can adjust appropriately to the new situation. Cleanup can be started from a small corner of the house, from a single table, or from one part of the table.

Utilization of Strategies: Cleanup firms need to utilize strategies to make hoarders agree to the cleanup process. The professionals may need to inform hoarders that eviction can only be avoided if they agree to cleanup.

To accomplish their goal, cleanup professionals need to apply some amount of pressure while still remaining gentle (of getting the home cleaned and decluttered).

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