3 Most Common Reasons Why You Need Water Damage Restoration Services In Kansas City, MO

Problems from water damage can come when you least expect them, and sources of out-of-place moisture cover a range of human-caused and natural disasters. Even with this spectrum of water damage causes, our technicians at ServiceMaster DSI are trained to recognize the source and fix the problems with our water damage restoration services in Kansas City, MO.


We don’t rule out any possibilities when it comes to pinpointing the cause of water damage, but we do find that the source is often from one of these common problems.


Burst or leaking pipes are the number one cause of water damage. This is especially common in the winter when pipes can freeze and weaken or burst. But leaks caused by aging pipe can happen any time of the year, and even the tiniest crack can seep water into the building. Pipes can also get blocked up, and sewage lines are exposed to tree roots and corrosion from dirt. These are just a few of the many ways pipes can rupture.


Heating and air conditioning systems are also often culprits of water damage. These units collect condensation from the air and build up moisture in and around the vents. If not regularly checked, the water collected can start to grow mold in the vents. Eventually, the vents can spread the mold spores around the building, posing health risks and even destabilizing some parts of the building structure. Getting HVAC systems regularly cleaned and checked can help prevent water damage.


Weather-related damage can include full-on flooding, but often the water damage from weather is far more subtle. Rain can build up moisture in attics and crawl spaces, leading to rotting beams and mold growth. Constant moisture in the ground can also damage the foundation of a building or seep into basements and insulation. In the winter, freezing temperatures can damage pipes, and in the summer, high humidity can encourage mold growth throughout the building. Weather is unpredictable, but we can help predict how it can damage your building.


Water damage can be disastrous, but it’s not beyond repair. If you suspect your building has been affected by any of these causes, contact ServiceMaster DSI today for water damage restoration services in Kansas City, MO.

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