What are the 3 Important Steps Performed by Kansas City, MO, Firms as Part of Trauma Scene Cleanup?

Experiencing traumatic events such as a suicide, murder, or accidental death in your Kansas City, MO, home can be quite distressing. Recovering from such a traumatic event will take time and may require psychological support.

One major concern you will have to face after such an event will be cleaning up the scene of the incident. Bloodborne pathogens present at a trauma scene can pose serious health risks for family members. In such situations you need to hire a company which provides trauma cleanup services so your home can be properly cleaned and disinfected as soon as possible.

Why is it necessary to hire a professional firm for trauma scene cleanup?

In various studies it has been found that several bloodborne pathogens remain infectious for quite some time. For instance, the Hepatitis B and C viruses can survive for up to two weeks. In a crime or trauma scene, blood splatter may well carry these infectious viruses.

Crime scene cleanup professionals have the required cleaning products, disinfectants, and personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure all surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and there is no risk of becoming infected by these viruses.

What are the procedures that are followed by professionals for trauma scene cleanup?

Step I: Removal of Sharps

Trauma cleaning experts will first examine the crime scene to check for sharp objects like knives, glass, needles, etc. If found, these items are carefully picked up and put into special punctureresistant containers.

Step II: Cleaning of Blood Contaminated Surfaces

  • Application of a Microencapsulating Agent: If there is blood pooled over a hard surface, a microencapsulating agent (a type of dry material which quickly transforms any liquid into solid) is used. This helps in easily removing the majority of the contamination before the surface is disinfected
  • Use of Disinfectant Solution: A disinfectant solution (such as a bleach solution) is applied over contaminated surfaces and allowed about twenty minutes of contact time to provide optimum disinfection
  • Disposal of Fabrics: If carpets, curtains, furniture cushions, rugs, mattresses, upholstery, and similar other fabrics are saturated with blood, the professional trauma cleanup firm properly disposes of such items

Step III: Disposal of Waste Materials

In the last step all waste materials, disposable PPE, and used cleaning materials are put into biohazard bags to be properly disposed of.

If there are large items such as rugs, mattresses, or carpets which will not fit into biohazard bags, these items are tightly wrapped and then properly sealed in two layers of six-millimeter poly sheeting.

If you are looking for a company in Kansas City, MO, that offers trauma cleaning services, please give ServiceMaster DSI a call. We understand the emotional distress you and your family members are in, and we have the required technical expertise to perform trauma scene cleanup.

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