3 Common Myths About Biohazard Cleanup in Olathe, KS Debunked

If you experience a traumatic event in your home, it may not just leave behind emotional trauma but also biohazardous materials. Biohazards are dangerous and aren’t something you can clean yourself. For professional biohazard cleanup in Olathe, KS, contact the trained experts at ServiceMaster DSI.

In our line of work, we run into a lot of misconceptions people have about biohazard cleanup. Part of our job is client education so today we’ll be examining some of these common myths and debunking them!

Myth #1: Bleach Is Enough on Its Own

Many people believe that bleach is enough to clean the biohazards in their home and that it works as a potent biocide. But the truth is, there are many downsides of bleach that make it inappropriate for disinfection. Let’s take a look.

  • First, even in a diluted state (when it has a concentration of just about 5,250 ppm) it bleaches out colors from your fabrics and can corrode metal
  • Second, many of the biocides (including bleach) are inactivated or inhibited when they come in contact with blood and other tissues

Myth #2: Biohazard Recovery Is Best Done by OSHA Certified Firms

OSHA is not the government authority that certifies anyone. If a biohazard cleanup firm completes an OSHA course, then it’s only done to remain in compliance with federal regulations governing employee safety.

After completing the course, cleanup firms receive a training document but that doesn’t mean that OSHA is certifying those firms as experts in biohazard recovery.

The OSHA program is a training program outlining the biological risks of bloodborne diseases and provides an insight into what can be done to protect employees from exposure.

However, the OSHA program doesn’t teach technicians the intricacies of cleanup such as the specific methods they need to utilize, anti-microbial chemistry, methods of deodorization, and other details that are required to perform successful decontamination.

Myth #3: If It’s Visibly Clean, It’s Good Enough

Some people think that if there’s no blood and the location is visibly clean then cleanup is complete.

But, on the contrary, successful biohazard cleanup is a 4-step procedure that starts with the process of detection, followed by cleaning, disinfection, and finally confirmation.

Confirmation is especially important since it ensures that both visible contaminants and invisible pathogens have been removed from your home.

Some of the devices we use during the confirmation include the luminometer. This device measures adenosine triphosphate and helps determine whether a surface has been properly disinfected.

Did you believe any of these myths? Appointing a professional firm is essential for successful biohazard cleanup. Only trained experts have the knowledge and equipment necessary to remove dangerous materials from your home, ensuring it’s safe for you and your family again.

The experts at ServiceMaster DSI are experienced in a variety of biohazard cleanup scenarios. You can rely on us for successful and compassionate cleanup in your Olathe, KS home. We’re even available 24/7/365! For immediate assistance, contact us at (816) 527-9412!

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