2 Scenarios Where It’s Important to Hire a Trained and Experienced Team for Disaster Restoration in Leawood, KS


Restoring damaged belongings is an integral part of disaster restoration. That’s why it’s necessary to hire an experienced company, like ServiceMaster DSI in Leawood, KS, to carry out this task. The following are some scenarios that highlight the importance of hiring experts for important tasks, such as the pack out of your valuable belongings, after a disaster.

Scenario #1: Errors in Pack Outs

Suppose there’s a need to pack out foam filled vinyl mattresses. An untrained crew may decide to use ratchet tie downs as well as webbed belts to secure the mattresses.

If the ratchets are tightened a lot more than what is required by inexperienced crew members, the foam and vinyl will get deeply creased, resulting in permanent damage. If this happens, there’s no option but to replace or repair the mattresses.

Hiring an experienced disaster restoration firm avoids these risks as their trained technicians are well aware of the right procedures that need to be followed.

Scenario #2: Errors in Moving Wooden Furniture

When inexperienced and untrained individuals are given the responsibility to pack delicate and expensive wooden furniture to be moved to an off-site location, you could be taking a huge risk.

Let’s consider a situation where the disaster restoration team decides to use shrink wrap, and the arms, delicate legs, backs of tables, chairs, and couches are all wrapped with the aim of safeguarding the surface of the furniture.

Upon return, you’ll likely notice different spots and dents on your furniture, with many of the joints being very loose. There are several reasons for these problems:

  • Shrink wrap is not the most suitable protection against dents for fragile wood
  • Shrink wrap starts shrinking when it gets warmer and tightens around the furniture, putting stress on the joints of delicate furniture
  • The main reason spots appear is due to moisture entrapment caused by the shrink wrap. Moisture gradually softens varnish as well as the wood, resulting in a very mottled appearance

These problems highlight the importance of hiring an experienced, licensed, and trained disaster restoration firm. They understand these problems and take the necessary steps to ensure such issues don’t occur.

For example, instead of shrink wrap, experienced disaster restoration technicians will use paper pads to save your furniture from light scratches and dirt, and also to absorb moisture.

If you’re looking for an experienced firm in Leawood, KS, to provide disaster restoration services, contact ServiceMaster DSI. Our trained technicians fully understand the intricate details of restoring homes and belongings, and they follow the procedures that are the most appropriate for a given situation.

All you have to do is give us a call at (816) 527-9412. We’ll quickly send our team of experts to analyze the situation, formulate a plan of action, and start the recovery process.

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